Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I Learned From the Move

Yes, we got moved ... and I lived through it. The movers were great. I wish I could have kept them here to unpack. Not only unpack, but put the stuff away. Yeah, like that could happen. Here it is, almost 3 months later, and I'm still unpacking. Well, not really. I kinda gave up after we had most of the crap unpacked that was important. I still haven't found my jewelry box. I really should get my rear in gear and finish the mess, but I'm so damned lazy. If it hadn't been for my daughter coming for a few days to help, we'd still be neck deep in boxes. Now we're just knee deep.

Things that I've learned:

I can live on 4 days worth of makeup for over a month. Unreal. I packed my handful of stuff, you know, the necessary lotions and potions, and foundation, a blusher, one lip liner, one quad of eye shadows, an eye liner, brow stuff, and a mascara. I was so impressed with myself that I tossed the majority of my overabundance of facial products and makeup. It hurt my soul, but I did it.

Not all 2800 square feet areas are created equal. All the stuff that fit in the last house is NOT gonna fit in this house. It's too traumatic to even talk about.

Man, do I have a lot of yarn!

All movers cannot help themselves. They feel compelled to mention the Barry Manilow stuff. :D I was thinking maybe this trip would be different since I have packed away all but about 1/16th of the total Manilow collection.

The dog will calm down when the movers finally bring in the sofa. Libby was a pain until the sofa, almost the last piece on the truck, was brought into the house. I guess she felt like this must be home now.

I love cows! I didn't think I would like the fact that our lot backs up to a farm, but Libby and I get so excited when the cows come over to our side of the farm. We run out there and talk to them. Libby barked a lot at first, but now she just looks and tries to put her head through the fence to give kisses. Kinda scary. The cows don't know what to think of Libby. They just stand there eating grass and they don't take their eyes off of her. It's really cute to watch. Maybe since they're black and she's black.... who knows. I wish they would come by more often.

And last, but certainly not least... and probably not even last, but I'm gonna stop here....

I HATE MOVING. Unfortunately, I learned that about 6 moves ago.

Moving from Nashville to Clarksville has not been a happy experience, but necessary. I miss my friends in Nashville, although I do drive to Nashville once in awhile. It's a 50 mile drive, one way, and with the price of gas, it's hard to justify going too often. I call it therapy. It usually involves a knitting experience, either a SnB, or the Nashville Meetup on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, several friends knit at a church in Brentwood. Tuesdays are good.

I was invited to a knitting group here in Clarksville, which I am so grateful for. Small group, but very nice people. It's nice to have something here to look forward to. Every little bit helps.

As for my knitting.... I'm making a scarf for my son out of Dream in Color. I've started a blanket in doubled Koigu. I'm not sure I'm loving that one. Then on Ravelry I saw that someone made a blanket made by sewing multi-directional scarves together, done in different colorways of Kureyon. NICE. So.... I'm on my second scarf. I don't think I'll be doing knitted Christmas gifts this year. Sometimes I go for days without knitting. I don't know why. I need to stop that.